4 Keys To Making Pot Mainstream

The industry is booming and legalization could be around the corner. It's time for cannabis to grow up and start marketing itself like any other business.  2/10/16.

The spread of marijuana legalization, explained

An overview of where in the country cannabis is legal and to what extent. This article is part of a series by Vox "explaining" cannabis in the US.  6/9/16.

How Much Weed Is in a Joint? Pot Experts Have a New Estimate

Experts and average users alike have never agreed on exactly how much cannabis is in the typical joint. An analysis of arrest data has come up with a new estimate.  7/14/16.

What Can't Medical Marijuana do?

Recent studies indicate that the drug is making seniors healthier and stemming the tide of the opioid epidemic—all while making health care cheaper.  7/18/16.

Obama Administration Set to Remove Barrier to Marijuana Research

Federal funding for research around cannabis has proven challenging due to various regulations. President Obama is looking to remove one roadblock to research by increasing the supply of cannabis available to researchers. 8/10/16.

5 Ways Marijuana Will Change As It Becomes A Mainstream Product

From new packaging to celebrity endorsements, this is how you'll buy weed once it's legal everywhere.  4/28/16.

The Future of Getting High

Scientists are working on nonaddictive opiates, pills that sober you up, and pot designed to produce certain moods. June 2016. 

This Is What It's Like To Work For A Marijuana Startup

The newly budding industry’s employees are purpose-driven, highly motivated, and sometimes a little baked. 8/3/16.

Looser restrictions on marijuana are very likely coming — just not this week

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) won’t reschedule marijuana after all, dashing a lot of pot legalization advocates’ hopes on Wednesday. But in all the talk about marijuana’s schedule and the disappointment people are feeling, one thing is getting lost: The DEA made other changes that could put marijuana on an inevitable path toward rescheduling — and therefore easing restrictions on it. 8/11/16.


So much about selling legal cannabis remains to be worked out—including the industry’s gender norms. 7/28/16.

The first big company to say it's serving the legal marijuana trade? Microsoft.

Microsoft is the first major corporation to get involved with the cannabis industry by creating a "seed to sale" software tracking system.  6/16/16.

9 Blazing Hot Marijuana Startups

INC profiles 9 cannabis startups that range from point-of-sale platforms to cannabis oil extraction devices, highlighting the breadth of innovation in the industry.  4/28/15.

This Is What the Average Medical Marijuana User Looks Like

In the wake of legalizing cannabis for medical use in New York, the University of Michigan interviewed over 300 adult medical cannabis users to build a profile of who they are. 1/9/14. 

Americans spend as much money on legal cannabis as alcohol

A new report from Market Watch shows that American adults spend as much money on legal cannabis as they do on alcohol in the state of Washington, where cannabis is legal for recreational use. 7/27/16. 

This Is What The Marijuana Industry Really Looks Like

Cannabis - it's just like any other plant! This photo essay showcases how cannabis growers are almost no different than any other agribusiness.  1/24/13.

At Cannabis Clubs, Customers Mingle over Marijuana

Cannabis clubs have popped up across Colorado since 2012, but have been popular in certain parts of Europe for decades.  8/23/14.

California Will Vote on Pot Legalization — Again

In 1996, California was the first state to legalize medical cannabis use and the first to vote on legalizing for recreational use in 2010. That vote failed, and now they're trying again.  6/29/16.


Every week, High Times delves into the legislative updates. This weeks highlights include an industrial hemp legalized in Pennsylvania and medical cannabis rejected in Guam.  7/25/16.

Building a Weed Breathalyzer Requires the Best Study Ever

One of the challenges with legalizing cannabis is regulating sales and use. A specific use case is the need to regulate driving while consuming. One group is working on building a weed breathalyzer, and like the title states, this process requires "the best study ever."  6/9/16.

Colorado's Marijuana Czar: "We're Making The Plane As We Fly It"

As Colorado's first director of marijuana coordination, Andrew Freedman navigates challenges that are both complex and precedent-setting.

Say Why To Drugs – the highs and lows of cannabis

An investigation into the drivers behind and effects of cannabis use as part of a series on substances.  5/19/16. 

The Failed Promise of Legal Pot

Legalizing cannabis hasn't solved all of the problems it was supposed to...yet. There is still a thriving underground sales system and the violence that accompanies it, among other challenges.  5/9/16.

What Would The Starbucks Of Weed Look Like?

Five branding nuggets for the high holiday. Happy 4/20.

Enough With the Pot Leaves. Marijuana Branding Needs a Makeover.

Cannabis businesses have had a habit thus far of punny names and kitschy branding. Given the size and promise of the industry, its time for that to change. 4/18/16.

Could Medical Cannabis Break the Painkiller Epidemic?

A body of research suggests yes, but scientists are having to fight red tape to study whether medical marijuana could substitute for opioid drugs. 9/1/16.

A new report evaluates marijuana legalization in Colorado so far. It's mixed news.

In the years since cannabis was legalized in Colorado, both the local economy and cannabis use have grown significantly. This article delves into the challenges and benefits that the state has experienced since legalizing recreational use.  4/19/16.

The Art of Marketing Marijuana

Cannabis branding firms are popping up left and right across not only the west coast but the entire country, as businesses are realizing that marketing cannabis is as important as marketing anything else.  4/1/16.


Freestyle skier Tanner Hall is one of a select few professional athletes who has partnered with cannabis based companies for endorsements.  3/16/16.

20 Marijuana Statistics That Chronicle Its Expansion Over the Past 20 Years

Statistics that highlight the evolution and growth of the cannabis industry, ranging from sentiment around legalization to expected growth in sales in 2016.  3/12/16. 

Can the Marijuana Industry Rebrand Itself as Health Food?

Edibles have an opportunity to extend their reach and change perceptions around consumption with some tweaks to product lines and branding.  7/24/15.


Oregon's state restrictions are changing, making room for edibles and infused products.  5/19/16.

Florida prepares to launch limited medical marijuana market next week

Florida passed limited medical cannabis use in 2014 and is voting on expanding medical access this fall. In the interim, one company is responsible for distribution across the entire state, and is beginning their trial this week.  7/22/16.

How Marijuana Legalizers Are Winning the Battle for Hearts and Minds

In an analysis of the Pew Research report on cannabis, the Washington Post highlights a shift towards more positive sentiment across the population.  4/15/15.

Marijuana's History: How One Plant Spread Through the World

An overview of the history and evolution of cannabis use throughout the world, starting with the earliest documented use in 12,000 BC through the present. 10/17/14. 

Canada's Justin Trudeau may legalize marijuana. That could impact US drug policy.

Our friendly neighbors to the north are moving to legalize cannabis across the entire country. If they were to pass legislation, they would be the wealthiest nation to do so, and would likely influence other nations moving forward.  5/9/16.

The Mysterious History Of 'Marijuana'

Why is cannabis referred to as "marijuana?" This piece delves into the history of the term and how it has evolved in the US and beyond. 

8 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis advocates have been using it as an ingredient in creams and salves for years. Now, beauty writers are highlighting products that feature cannabis as a main ingredient.  7/27/2016.