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About the makeathon


High Design is a makeathon: a designated set of time to develop ideas against design prompts. It’s a team-based competition, where ideas will be evaluated by design and cannabis industry experts.

What do you win? Besides from an incredibly rewarding experience working alongside top design talent, each member of the winning team will receive $500, and Smart will feature the concept in future publications on the topic. 


Cannabis legalization is spreading across the United States revealing new users and unanswered needs. We’re interested to understand what its future can look like — while still unclear, it abounds with opportunity. The Wild West of industries, cannabis and its future demand good design. We think bringing the best and brightest innovators in New York City to the challenge will generate a new, fresh perspective on what could be.


September 23rd-24th


We'll kick off the festivities on Friday evening with drinks, snacks, and intros. For those who came without a team, you'll have some time to network with the team members you've been matched to work with. We'll go through some high-level information about the industry and reveal the design prompts so that you can start brainstorming an approach with your team. Make sure to get some rest – you’ll need it for Saturday!


We’ll kick off Saturday morning with a few speakers to frame the day with an inspiring start.  After a quick breakfast, you’ll have an opportunity to interview experts and users so you can get insights first-hand, and better understand the people for whom you’re designing. We’ll have coaches and mentors available to help guide and inspire you as you ideate and narrow in on an opportunity.

During the latter part of the day, teams will focus on concepting and prototyping. We’ll provide plenty of inspiration in the way of chats, examples, and other stimuli, and again mentors and coaches will help you stretch and stress-test your ideas.  

In the evening, teams will present their ideas to a panel of judges and to the broader group. Presentations will be limited to 8 minutes, and we can't wait to see what you come up with!  We’ll all kick back and enjoy some food and drinks while the judges deliberate, and the day will culminate in announcing the winning idea and team, and awarding prizes.

What happens after that? That’s up to you to decide. Our intent is to get brilliant minds together to work on an interesting, time-capped design challenge, network, and learn more about this nascent industry and opportunity. 

where it's going down

The High Design Makeathon will be held at Smart Design, located in west Chelsea.


601 W. 26th St.
Suite 1820 (18th floor)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 807-8150